Python 2 unicode!

Ascii, Unicode, UTF-8, double-bytes, single-bytes. Four bytes. JSON encodings! Welcome to the Python2 world of strings. String that can be unicode, 8-bit and probably something else that we might see in the future versions of the very beloved language. Let me quickly jump into an issue: something = “Whattheheck” # Чезафигня when you try to […]


One of the best French movies I’ve ever get to experience, of course after “Un prophète”. “Le libertin” – a story of French philosopher Diderot taking on the dogmatic establishment using fountain pen and the sense of inevitable progress. Funny, entertaining and quite liberal! Take a look: IMDB – Le Libertin

German Hustle

There are several German movies I love, one of them is called ‘Go For Zucker’. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch it there with English subtitles. It is a funny story about a Jewish guy, pool player, hustling crazily in the modern Germany trying to make some cash, have some form […]