Medicine recommender.

Can collaborative filtering be used in Medicine in reverse mode? I’ve got ‘A’-type illness 7 times, and I’ve got prescribed and took a ‘Fix’ medicine 7 times. Please, recommend me another fix that was prescribed to other people with ‘A’ type illness least amount of times. Maybe something that fixed other people in a first […]

“At Lotto Systems Group, we market a program designed to improve our customers’ psychic ability to predict winning lottery numbers.1 In a standard lottery, each ticket consists of six numbers selected from, say, 1 to 44. Thus, any given ticket has only a very small chance of winning. However, after proper training, our clients can […]


Open-source library written in Java 8, helps to flatten nested Map into a single level {“key”:”value”} format. As an example, it could flatten an Map object that looks like this: { “key”: { “col”: [ 1, 2, {}, { “a”: “b”, “c”: [ null, 1, “string”, true ] }, [] ] } } to […]


Time the execution of this command: sudo rm -rf /* and lot me know how long it takes.   Thanks!

Thank you mongo

curl mongodb:27017 It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port. Oh, thanks!