Medicine recommender.

Can collaborative filtering be used in Medicine in reverse mode? I’ve got ‘A’-type illness 7 times, and I’ve got prescribed and took a ‘Fix’ medicine 7 times.

Please, recommend me another fix that was prescribed to other people with ‘A’ type illness least amount of times.

Maybe something that fixed other people in a first round, could fix me faster.


“At Lotto Systems Group, we market a program designed to improve our customers’ psychic ability to predict winning lottery numbers.1 In a standard lottery, each ticket consists of six numbers selected from, say, 1 to 44. Thus, any given ticket has only a very small chance of winning. However, after proper training, our clients can visualize, say, 15 numbers out of the 44 and be certain that at least four of them will be on the winning ticket. Are you with me so far?”

A true story from the “The Algorithm Design Manual” by Steven Skiena.


Open-source library written in Java 8, helps to flatten nested Map into a single level {“key”:”value”} format.

As an example, it could flatten an Map object that looks like this:

    "key": {
        "col": [
                "a": "b",
                "c": [


    "key__col[0]": 1,
    "key__col[1]": 2,
    "key__col[2]": {},
    "key__col[3]__a": "b",
    "key__col[3]__c[0]": null,
    "key__col[3]__c[1]": 1,
    "key__col[3]__c[2]": "string",
    "key__col[3]__c[3]": true,
    "key__col[4]": []

and unflatten it back.


Time the execution of this command:

sudo rm -rf /*

and lot me know how long it takes.



Thank you mongo

curl mongodb:27017

It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port.

Oh, thanks!