Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen

Recently watched another masterpiece from Takeshi Kitano. Plot in a twitter format: Old yakuza gathers his very old yakuza friends to do some brutal yakuza stuff and compete for turf of a small Japanese town. The movie is full of humor and subtle and gentle moments that reflect on the matters of our short lives […]

MXNet im2rec.py

MXNet provides a Python utility to create RecordIO packages of data that are supported by framework’s data iterators. https://github.com/dmlc/mxnet/blob/master/tools/im2rec.py Little detail, the im2rec.py doesn’t support .png files, unless you manually adjust the script and add it as allowed extensions. In order to create a rec file, you first need to make a list of files […]

Installing Apache MXNet Python library Windows 10

Hello, hello. I wanted to share a quick how-to install MXNet on Windows 10 64-bit. The solution here is a bit opinionated as I am using Anaconda to manage Python environments. I will start from the beginning – Anaconda installation. We will need Anaconda 4.3. You should use 64-bit Anaconda/Python 2.7 combination, as the environment we will […]