Lunch shaming

After encountering several articles on lunch shaming of some kids, whose parent can not afford a meal – I’ve saddened.

Who in a sane mind would come up with an idea to put  a label ‘poor’ on a kid, or ask a kid to clean tables in front of the peers.

Kid can not afford food not because it is his fault. Work with the damn government on the issue. Work on increasing minimum wage, introducing single payer healthcare and some sort of a social safety net.

There are million scenarios when hard-working families would not be able to afford food for their kid.

A huge medical bill, that sucks money out of a family, who is struggling on payments just not to ruin their credit history.

A minimum wage job with no over-time pay, that has to feed family of four.

A recent unemployment, when the government doesn’t provide any substantial support, besides dragging your ass to fill-out endless amount of paperwork and spend your time on artificial and in-efficient, bureaucracy run workforce re-entrance classes.

I can continue with it, but I hope you get me.

As a very brief example, a homeless and unemployed friend of mine, who lives in California, gets about $200 dollars in food stamps every month. In order to receive another $200 in cash, which he doesn’t get at the moment, he has to check his mail ( and he doesn’t have an address) almost every month for random acts of identity checks and other bureaucratic bullshit. My friend doesn’t have a kid, but if he had one, I am sure the kid would not be able to pay for his food in a school.

I hope one day people will stop poverty-blame.

Poverty, in most cases, is a side effect of an unjust system. Look around people, look at the government spending, corruption, bloated salaries of city officials, inefficient work practices of bureaucratic machines.

It is broken government who leave people behind, in debts and unemployed. It is broken government who leave kids hungry and shamed for being poor; Not a parent who is working hard and still has an anxiety every day of his or her life that tomorrow there will be nothing in the fridge to eat.


    • Hey Christian,
      Thanks for sharing the fundraising project. Good work!
      I hope people could join the effort and not only donate money, but fight the roots of idiotic shaming practice.

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