One of the greatest comedies of all

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

I can see that a movie is promising just by spotting in the plot a group of students going out for an outdoors vacation. It is just the best type of plot. There are infinite amount of possibilities what could happen to a group of young, mostly intoxicated and extremely self confident people that hanging out in a forest.

For instance, our students could – hallucinate, get kidnapped, be tortured, ride ponies, try to find a way to Mordor, fight giant spiders, fight giant giants, get more intoxicated, lose confidence, and it just goes on and on.  No spoilers.

The cast is on spot.

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are perfect as the main characters. Their work is organic, and they bring the whole concept of empathy on a different level. You will understand them, and you will feel their struggle and, the bias they experience will be the bias you experience. Especially if you ever lived in a village or a farm. 

The group of students were Great. Loud. Judgmental. They just make you side with them from the first scenes 🙂

The setting of the piece is quite a forest!

Actually, everything about this comedy is remarkable, especially an old house! The old house is one of the funniest old houses that I’ve seen. It has its own character, and its own jokes. It gets grumpy sometimes.

The story is quite self-destructive, in a good way though.

Well, please, rent it and watch it. Highly recommended.


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