Hello, hello. With the current boom in the concurrency and block-chain world, I’ve decided I want to learn more about the open source crypto projects, how popular they are and how often these projects are updated. After going to github and bitbucket and manually searching for projects I’ve came to a decision that I need […]

MXNet and Tensorboard

The notebook shows how to visualize accuracy and gradient of a MXNet network (gluon) via stand-alone Tensorboard. MXNet is a machine learning framework. Tensorboard stand-alone that could run independently of Tensorflow.

Python, MXNet and pix2pix image translation.

I’ve been doing some self-study around machine learning and deep learning, and once upon a time stumbled on a unsupervised image to image translation network called pix2pix . Very interesting network architecture. I’ve looked at it from the perspective of image colorization. It seems like a great option and it trains quite quickly. Although I haven’t had […]

Installing or upgrading to MXNet version 0.12.1 on Windows 10

This post is a continuation and somewhat a revision of  “Installing MXNet on Windows 10” MXNet is evolving and recently there was a release of version 0.12 I want to share the upgrade process that worked for me on my Windows 10 machine. You can use this tutorial as installation tutorial of MXNet 0.12 First, […]

One of the greatest comedies of all

Tucker and Dale vs Evil I can see that a movie is promising just by spotting in the plot a group of students going out for an outdoors vacation. It is just the best type of plot. There are infinite amount of possibilities what could happen to a group of young, mostly intoxicated and extremely self confident […]

Lunch shaming

After encountering several articles on lunch shaming of some kids, whose parent can not afford a meal – I’ve saddened. Who in a sane mind would come up with an idea to put  a label ‘poor’ on a kid, or ask a kid to clean tables in front of the peers. Kid can not afford […]

Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen

Recently watched another masterpiece from Takeshi Kitano. Plot in a twitter format: Old yakuza gathers his very old yakuza friends to do some brutal yakuza stuff and compete for turf of a small Japanese town. The movie is full of humor and subtle and gentle moments that reflect on the matters of our short lives […]


MXNet provides a Python utility to create RecordIO packages of data that are supported by framework’s data iterators. Little detail, the doesn’t support .png files, unless you manually adjust the script and add it as allowed extensions. In order to create a rec file, you first need to make a list of files […]