Open sourcing

We, the tech community thrive on open source. When we use open source projects, we do not ask ourselves:1. What kind of education contributors of the project have?2. Can the contributors balance a binary tree or implement an LRU cache?3. Can the open source folks design twitter?We just take an open source project, and use […]

Notes on the book: Feature Engineering for Machine Learning: Principles and Techniques for Data Scientists by Alice Zheng and Amanda Casari

Recently finished reading Feature Engineering for Machine Learning: Principles and Techniques for Data Scientists ( link to Amazon) by Alice Zheng and Amanda Casari. Great coverage of the topic, that is often omitted in Machine Learning intro books, or books on ML infrastructure. Picked up tons of programmatic tricks on how to deal with numerical […]

Informative error messages are great.

Looks like beloved Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez would NOT be able to change his address on the Thank you USPS for the error message that doesn’t make any sense to people with Last names that are several distinct words. {field: “lastName”, message: “The Last Name field allows only letters and the […]

SIMS – Semi-parametric Image Synthesis – really cool

Interesting work on image synthesis. Generated picture quality improved a lot compared to both pxi2pix and pix2pixHD. I recommend taking a look at the youtube video: Also, you can run Tensorflow implementation of the network:

Apache MXNet 1.1 on Windows 10 64 bit

Attempted to run MXNet 1.1 GPU version on Windows 10. It works well, but the process of installation has a few details that is helpful to know. 1. You can create Anaconda environment based on Python 3.6 and use environment’s pip to install GPU version of Apache MXNet on Windows – `pip install mxnet-cu90` at […]

Nvidia’s work on pix2pix network

Amazing work on the introduction of high-definition to pix2pix architecture. Hypnotizing results, take a look for yourself – Pix2pixHD is quite video memory hungry and runs best on cards with 24gig of VRAM :/


Hello, hello. With the current boom in the concurrency and block-chain world, I’ve decided I want to learn more about the open source crypto projects, how popular they are and how often these projects are updated. After going to github and bitbucket and manually searching for projects I’ve came to a decision that I need […]