Installing or upgrading to MXNet version 0.12.1 on Windows 10

This post is a continuation and somewhat a revision of  “Installing MXNet on Windows 10” MXNet is evolving and recently there was a release of version 0.12 I want to share the upgrade process that worked for me on my Windows 10 machine. You can use this tutorial as installation tutorial of MXNet 0.12 First, […]

Installing Apache MXNet Python library Windows 10

Hello, hello. I wanted to share a quick how-to install MXNet on Windows 10 64-bit. The solution here is a bit opinionated as I am using Anaconda to manage Python environments. I will start from the beginning – Anaconda installation. We will need Anaconda 4.3. You should use 64-bit Anaconda/Python 2.7 combination, as the environment we will […]